Panchkula based Bama Academy of Fine Arts after working in the field of Art teaching for over twenty five years is now stepping into organizing workshops and events which will open opportunities for people to exploreother creative fields.

extra-curricular activities in the form of Dance, Music and Language classes, Bama Academy has also created a Gallery for exhibitionsand promotion of Art works created by the talented artists of the academy. It has been made open for public view and an option to add some amazing art toanyone’s personal collection.

As an introduction some events like Artists Painting workshop, Miniature Gardening Workshop and seminars by other organizations have been conducted in the past at the academy’s multipurpose hall.

In the coming month the academy is going to organize workshops on Photography, Candle Making, Miniature Gardening and even Music Production. To take this intention to a higher level, new facilities in the form of a Stage, Projection Screens, Audio-video interactive systems and many other technological up gradations have been made at the academy.

According to the Director, Mr. Ram Kumar Sharma, Panchkula needs a platform for a lot of hidden talents and creative fields to be presented amongst the public, which the Academy is going to provide. The Academy will even collaborate with other organizations to work together towards this motive.

Simultaneously Bama Academy continues to evolve its Art Study Patterns with new techniques and activities added to its existing curriculum. The Academy is conducting classes even on the weekends making it functional on all seven days of the week. An active involvement on social mediaand other internet platforms is going to make info and updates much more accessible and interactive in the coming future.

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